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Health Care Connect (HCC) is an initiative of the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) in collaboration with employers from public and private health care sectors.

In October 2018, senior representatives from area hospitals including Tower, Penn Medicine and Main Line Health, plus Rothman and Cerner along with several other community leaders noted the remarkable health care offerings in the region.

The Innovators also viewed the primary challenge that needs to be met in terms of the overall health of the area is: insufficient access to  Behavioral Health (Mental and Addiction) facilities—an urgent need compounded by the Opioid Crisis—see 5.14.19 Event Webinar

HCC Action teams have been formed to address these regional healthcare industry priorities:

Priority # 1: Behavioral Health Access: Understanding the potential issues related to drug abuse and/or mental health challenges and establishing available resources.

Priority # 2: Training: Develop Trainings on the implications of insurance changes (Value-based, other), recovery…. Work with area politicians to make PA a compact state for licensure.

Priority # 3 Transportation:   Encourage flexibility with provider shuttles and other transit services to supplement potential public options. Work with TMACC and their partners to verify short and long-term solutions.

Priority # 4: HCC Partnership Sustainability:    Secure supplemental funding for imperative behavior health trainings and other HCC challenges from available grants, partners and new funding sources.

The HCC partnership is supported in part by funding through the private sector along with a grant from the Chester County Workforce Development Board/PA Department of Labor & Industry.


Drug Addiction & Mental Health in the Workplace: Truths & Solutions

This event convened health care leaders, public officials, and business representatives from Chester County’s key industries to address this public health crisis and offer resources.

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