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The Hire One Initiative

Hire One, a CCEDC initiative, partners with the Chester County Workforce Development Board, the Chester County office of Pennsylvania CareerLink, and over 60 committed private/public organizations to develop new and innovative strategies for connecting job seekers to hiring employers by leveraging available resources.

Regional leaders, known as “Company Champions,” have agreed to hire a minimum of one full-time person to their labor force. In addition, input is gathered from job seekers to populate an informal job network.

Employers also provide valuable insight into the skills and tools that are needed from prospective employers.  Armed with this information, Hire One assists employers to more effectively align their talent management strategies to their business objectives while giving them the opportunity to grow their business and create new jobs. Employers can learn, then apply, best industry practices to build a pipeline of future employees who will be attracted to their industries.

Using the results of our 4,500 job-seeker surveys, Hire One expands on an existing informal job network system, including over 60 organizations that provide services to under and unemployed workers.

Become a Hire One Champion and help us empower the 11,000 unemployed Chester County neighbors to find jobs and restore their careers. Visit for more information.

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