RW Baird, Nation’s Top-Ranked Municipal Underwriter Shines in Chester County

From VISTA.Today:

“Robert W. Baird & Co. was ranked the nation’s No. 1 municipal bond underwriter for 2014, according to IPREO MuniAnalytics. Since 2009, Baird has helped more municipal issuers secure their financial futures than any other firm in the country.

This expertise was recently on display in Chester County, where Baird helped manage two significant financings.

The firm recently served as the sole managing underwriter for East Marlborough Township’s 2014 general obligation bonds, saving the township more than $1 million in debt service costs.

Baird also served as a co-managing underwriter for Chester County’s 2014 general obligation bonds, helping the county save more than $4.5 million and fund its capital investment program.”

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