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Building a Strong, Sustainable Agricultural Community

The picturesque farms of our region offer much more than exceptionally beautiful landscapes. In Chester County, the farmlands are viewed as a vital industry creating over $600 million in revenue annually. Additionally:

  • 1,730 operating farms exist in Chester County, most of which are family-owned small businesses;
  • Chester County produces over half of all mushrooms consumed in the United States; and
  • The county’s agriculture industry contributes over $3 billion to our local economy through sales, employment, taxes, and services.

Working directly with farmers; forming partnerships with key agencies; and collaborating with educators, the CCEDC’s AgConnect Partnership provides resources and opportunities to support and grow agribusinesses of all kinds. It also offers programs developed at the request of the agricultural community and delivers exceptional resources at no or low-cost to farmers and agriculture-related businesses.

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