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The face of manufacturing is rapidly changing. Advances in technology and automation are increasing productivity and increasing the demand for highly skilled workers. Businesses are experience shortages of machinists, operators, and technicians as well industrial engineers and manufacturing engineers. Today, careers in manufacturing offers higher hourly wage and benefit compensations than other non-manufacturing industries. With the median age of the manufacturing workforce at 44.7 years there is a need for young, skilled workers to enter the manufacturing field.

Promoting the benefits and shaping the workforce of the manufacturing industry will take the efforts of those committed to the industry. Area manufacturers are coming together with the support of the Manufacturing Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties (MACC/DC) to address the immediate needs of manufacturers including exporting, training and infrastructure issues, as well as long-term interests such as workforce development and marketing of the manufacturing careers.

Other Notes

The US manufacturing workforce employs 12 million people and supports the jobs of another 17.2 million. US manufacturers are the most productive in the world and if classified as its own country, US manufacturing economy would rank as the tenth largest economy in the world.

10% of Pennsylvania’s workforce is employed in manufacturing, with almost 65,000 manufacturing workers employed in Pennsylvania’s Southeast region.

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