14th Annual GETT Covered in The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Chester County Economic Development Council’s 14th Annual Girl’s Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology (GETT) event was hosted by ITAG, the Innovative Technology Action Group, on Saturday March 15th at Phoenixville Area Middle School. Here’s an excerpt from an article published in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

20140316_inq_sgirls16-a PHOENIXVILLE The pilot was explaining how the big Sikorsky S-76 helicopter sitting outside Phoenixville Middle School worked when someone asked why pilots wear flight suits.

The chief reason is they are fire retardant, but all those pockets are good for stashing essentials, like lip gloss and nail files, pilot Stacy Sheard said.

Most of her colleagues might not have given that answer, as the overwhelming majority of helicopter pilots are men.

But at the Chester County Economic Development Council’s 14th annual GETT (Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology) conference on Saturday, Sheard was one of 30 professional women who encouraged girls to enter careers in science and technology.

About 500 middle and high school girls attended the all-day conference, which had sessions on, among other things, robotics, nuclear power, biomedical engineering, forensics, environmental science, kitchen chemistry, even dairy farming, with the owner of Shellbark Hollow Farm explaining the science of turning milk into cheese.

But Sheard and her plush corporate helicopter, which she flew from Sikorsky’s headquarters in Coatesville and landed on the school lawn, was a star attraction. Sheard herself was also a big hit with the girls, many of whom said they had never met a female pilot.

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