Activate your New Southeastern PA Supply Chain Map Tool

Discover your regional manufacturing partners and customers…the new URL containing the supply chain asset maps that were created under the RAMP It Up reshoring grant are ready for you to link!

The Southeast PA manufacturing supply chain maps are available for you to post on your respective organization websites. This web site link provides a set of interactive geographic maps, OEMs, and supply tiers for seven selected industries in the region (transportation, plastics/rubber, furniture, machinery, fabricated metal, computer/electronics, electronics/appliances). This new tool will help you find OEMs and supply vendors in the region to support your manufacturers and/or clients interested in moving to the region. The maps show the robust cluster of OEMs and suppliers, and can be used to find a specific company contact and location. Get started today…explore each industry by NAICS codes, buy-sell relationships, OEM or supplier tier. Information is just a click away!

And it’s easy…simply load the link onto your website in a location of your choosing:

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