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For the past several years, the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) through two of its initiatives, Ideas x Innovation Network (i2n) and Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG) initiative, has hosted Tech360, a full-day event focused on tech education, leadership development, innovation and networking for those in the tech fields.

Technology leaders from the area’s top companies will discuss how to best leverage the latest technology in today’s business climate specifically big data, cyber security, leadership and innovation.

tech-360-2016Chief Technology Officers, IT managers and architects, project leaders and anyone who works with technology will gain valuable knowledge that is immediately applicable.  This year, the event will be held on Friday, November 11 from 8:00am to 3:00pm at Penn State Great Valley.

“I’m excited to hear the latest IT innovations happening here in Chester County from local industry movers and shakers,” said Erik Gudmundson, Chief Technological Officer of Pegasus Technologies LLC who is also an ITAG Board Member and speaker at the upcoming Tech360 event.

Tech360 is at the very core of the VISTA2025 goal for Chester County to establish an innovation culture that supports entrepreneurship and business growth. “The focus of the day is to bring spirited like minds together to learn, share and cultivate new ideas to form new commerce opportunities that will continue the economic health of Chester County,” said Gary Smith, president and chief executive officer, Chester County Economic Development Council.

Technical sessions will be held on tech leadership, cyber security, network and data security, agile development, robotics and animation, design for mobility, big data, women in technology, and hiring technical talent. ITAG board members and volunteers are essential to the planning process for this successful event.

According to Lisa Van Ess of NIIT Technoloiges and Tech360 Committee Chair, “I am delighted to continue to be a part of ITAG and specifically coordinating the Tech360 Event! This forum provides valuable presentations, interaction, learnings and networking opportunities as they relate to the latest IT trends facing business today.

This is a fantastic opportunity for local IT professionals and leaders to participate in a time and cost-effective event, and take information back to their teams and businesses that they can use immediately.”

Brian Dainis, CEO and Founder of Curotec

Brian Dainis, CEO and Founder of Curotec

We sat down with Brian Dainis, CEO and Founder of Curotec and speaker at the upcoming Tech360

Weekend Edition:  Why are you excited about the event?

Brian Dainis:  I am excited to hear others share their thoughts on what cutting edge things are happening in the tech industry locally.

WE: Why are you involved in either the planning or speaking (or both) of the event?

BD:  I think it is important to contribute to the local economy and give back when possible. I have lived here my whole life and built my business here; I want nothing more than to make it a more thriving and technology centered place for business.

WE:  What do you hope to get out of it (technical information, best practices, networking opportunities, leadership development)?

BD:  tech info, networking, public speaking exposure, leadership development

WE:  What do you see as its impact to the region’s technology industry?

BD:  Having a successful conference like this is an indication the region is growing its tech sector and bringing people as well as organizations together for collaboration.

WE:  What do you see as the importance of holding the event?

BD:  The importance is to continue to establish the Philly ‘burbs as tech hub where people think of innovation and tech leadership.

About ITAG

The Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG) supports its member companies by sharing talent development and recruiting information; offering programs on technology trends and issues; and providing training grants to stabilize and strengthen the local workforce.  Supported with more than 300 volunteers, ITAG is able to offer career exploration opportunities to roughly 1000 high school students annually as well as growth and leadership opportunities for young tech professionals.

You can learn more about Tech360 or register online HERE.


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