Cerner Invites Innovative Companies to Locate, Collaborate at Malvern Campus

Looking for a new work space? If you like newly renovated offices, a full suite of modern amenities, and being next-door neighbors with forward-thinking, growing companies with innovative cultures, this industry-leading health tech company has news for you.

Cerner can offer all these benefits and more at an innovation hub located within its 100-acre campus, just off Rt. 29 and Rt. 202 in Malvern, with over 100,000 square feet available for local companies to lease. The campus is also home to over 1,500 Cerner associates.

“Our vision is to partner with select businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs who have similar innovative corporate cultures and interest in making a positive impact in our local community.” says Michael Long, vice president and general manager, Cerner Malvern regional office. “We have made significant renovations to the building, with room for new tenants to make their own finish improvements to customize the space to their needs.

Innovation is not new to the Cerner corporation. The 40-year old company holds 500 patents worldwide and has made more than $7 billion in cumulative R&D investments.

This summer, the company launched Anuva Health, Cerner’s first step into the provider space with a network of near-site and on-site wellness clinics. Since then the company has helped launch a handful of similar wellness centers and clinics around the country, including those serving its own workforce. These centers are designed to increase healthcare access and convenience for employees while keeping costs low for employers.


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