Experts dish out advice for residents embarking on new careers

MediaNews Group | October 21, 2019

DOWNINGTOWN — Recently, students and families throughout Chester County joined local industry experts, career readiness coordinators and educational leaders from post-secondary institutions and technical programs for Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today, an evening event focused on proactive career exploration. The event offered participants a unique opportunity to learn how students of any age can build crucial skills, identify potential career pathways and understand the future of Chester County’s workforce.

“It’s so important to equip students and their parents with information and knowledge about careers in high-priority industries early on in their education so that they are empowered to make informed decisions about their futures,” said Patti VanCleave, one of the evening’s industry experts and the Chester County Economic Development Council’s (CCEDC) project manager for Health Care Industry Partnership and Youth Career Exploration. “Career-focused events connect students with opportunities and professionals that they otherwise might not be aware of, like first-hand experiences touring job sites and speaking with those currently hiring for or working in the careers they are interested in,” she added.


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