Five Chester County Townships Ranked in Top 60 Nationwide

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The Pennsylvania suburbs, specifically those in Chester County and Montgomery County, rank among the very best places to buy a home in America. The exciting news is brought to us by Niche, a large content start-up that specializes in providing students, families, and professionals with helpful information for choosing a neighborhood, college, or school.

Factors for Ranking America’s Suburbs

Niche considered 11 different factors when comparing America’s suburbs. The factors receiving the most weight (12.5 percent) were home value to income ratio (the ratio of the median home value to the median family income), median home value, monthly housing cost, monthly housing cost to income ratio, and percentage of residents aged 25-44. Other factors of note included education grade (10 percent), crime and safety grade (7.5 percent), and median effective property tax (percent of the median property taxes paid on homes over the median home value). According to Niche, “a high ranking indicates that a suburb attracts residents with a good housing market where property taxes and housing costs are in line with value.”

The Top Suburbs in America

Pennsylvania is home to 16 of Niche’s top 60 suburbs and Chester County actually features 5 of Niche’s top 60 suburbs. One of fifty states having over 25 percent of the top places to buy a home is pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the concentration of top spots right here in our backyard.

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