Getting to know the CCEDC Board: Daniel Ostien

Dan Ostien joined the board of directors at the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) in 2008.  He has spent his career in tax and treasury roles that have taken him around the globe and currently he serves as the Vice President – Tax at Unisys Corporation.

His previous involvement with CCEDC was when he worked at Shire Pharmaceuticals.  CCEDC helped Shire obtain tax incentives when the company moved to Chesterbrook.

Additionally, his involvement with the board was brought about by his recognition of the role CCEDC has had in “attracting business to Chester County and providing assistance to the Southeastern region in providing small business loans and access to other tax incentives.”

Mike Grigalonis, COO of Chester County Economic Development Council noted that “Dan has experience with and knowledge of economic development programs that has been beneficial during his tenure on the board of CCEDC.”

 Splitting the Difference

Originally from Havertown, Dan attended Drexel University as an undergrad and earned his Master’s in Tax from Villanova Law School.  Along the way, he met his wife, Renie in Avalon, NJ when the 20-somethings each had weekend beach houses.

In 1993, shortly after they got married, Dan and Renie moved to West Chester.  The move was initially a way to split the difference between Dan’s job in Lancaster County and his wife’s in Montgomery County.  In the more than 20 years since, Dan has worked for three different public companies throughout the county and Renie, an attorney, has worked at two different law firms.

They are the parents of two daughters, Melissa who is a junior studying finance and economics at the University of Delaware and Becca who is a freshman studying journalism/communications at the University of South Carolina.

Dan notes that the local schools, in addition to the “people and the wonderful environment – open spaces, small town feel – makes Chester County feel like home.”

The Impact of CCEDC

During his time on the CCEDC board, Dan has served on organization’s Executive Committee and Public Safety Committee as well as the board for Seedcopa.  Additionally, he served on the Public Safety Training Foundation Committee that helped raise funds for the construction of a Public Safety Training Campus in South Coatesville.  The facility was built to give Chester County’s first responders a place to learn and train together.

According to Ostien, “after meeting the first responder community and having the privilege to offer my time and experience to help our fire, police and EMS gain a truly best-in-class training facility, I learned first-hand how fortunate we are to live and work in a county that built this most valuable facility.” Grigalonis added “Dan’s leadership and passion for supporting our first responders played a huge role in us raising $1.7 million of private sector dollars to help fund the Public Safety Training Campus.”

Dan recognizes that “CCEDC is a best-in-class economic development engine for companies as well as the community that lives and works here.  They are a business partner that offers our county and region access to multiple grants, training and incentives that encourage growth as well as access to talent that supports business development and expansion.”

Five Questions with Dan Ostien

Weekend Edition: How do you define success?

Dan Ostien: Success is enjoying what you do while meeting measurable and defined objectives

WE: What does leadership mean to you?

DO: I manage a team of 20 people and leadership involves understanding each person’s capabilities as well as mentoring and managing teams to achieve stretch objectives.

WE:  Do you have a personal philosophy when it comes to business?

DO:  My philosophy starts with a strong work ethic while being fair and communicative to those with whom I work.  I believe success in the business is typically a shared effort among many.

WE:  What might surprise us about you?

DO:  I caddied in the 1981 US Open at Merion Golf course and was the starter at Merion for 2 years (1980 and 1981). I also caddied at Merion for 9 years ending in 1985.  In fact, if I could choose any other job, it would be something in the golfing industry.

WE:  Is there a hidden gem in Chester County that you love?

DO:  I find the entirety of Chester County a gem offering open space, fantastic schools and the tranquil towns to enjoy nights and weekends shopping and dining. One Chester County location that stands out is a recent wedding experience at Springton Manor Farm.  Its everything that Chester County represents which includes a small town feel, rolling farm lands and a place where celebrations take place.

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