Health Care Connect – A Best Practice Story

The health care industry is an important component of both the business and residential communities in Southeastern Pennsylvania. To address the workforce needs of this specific segment, Health Care Connect (HCC) was formed. The partnership shares best practices, talent development/recruiting information, program ideas on trends and issues, and training grants to stabilize and strengthen the local workforce and enhance patient care. HCC is comprised of over 60 organizations including hospitals, continuing care retirement communities, home health companies, acute rehabilitation facilities, educational institutions, and county development offices sharing the goal of improving the quality of health care delivery in the surrounding region.

How is Health Care Connect Servicing Industry Representatives?

According to Andrea Devoti, the current Chair of Health Care Connect, and President and CEO of Neighborhood Health, “participating in Health Care Connect has given Neighborhood Health the opportunity to provide individual practitioners training which is expanding their skills and abilities to better provide home care services to our community as well as to develop their peers as home care practitioners. Last year we were able to send an RN to a preceptor training course. She had functioned in the role of a preceptor, assisting a new RN employee to learn the processes of home care, but had never had the opportunity to understand the principles of providing education to adult learners, differing learning styles, and best practice techniques. After completing the course, our employee has been much more comfortable in her preceptor role and expressed to her managers how the ability to understand individual learning styles has helped her to be a better teacher. It is also contributing to advancing the skills of our existing workforce.

In addition, we had a number of hospice staff attend the pediatric end of life training. this course was instrumental in helping our nurses deal with the end of life issues in children and their families, a different approach than with adults.

We have witnessed the value of bringing industry, education and other partners together to collectively address the training needs of our health care industry.”

What is next for Health Care Connect?

The 4th Annual Health Care Best Practices Conference is scheduled for Thursday, June 2 at Lankenau Hospital. This year’s theme is Living With Being Out of Balance. Nurses, nursing assistants, healthcare administrators, and all other interested allied health care professionals are encouraged to join us for this event as we work together to advance our region’s health care system.

You can find tickets for the event at They’re going fast!

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