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856Residents of Chester County are invited to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns on issues impacting the local economy.  A Community Questionnaireis available on the VISTA 2025 website.  Responses will help us understand the perspectives of residents on the economic opportunities and challenges facing the county.

What is VISTA 2025?

CCEDC is taking the lead on VISTA 2025, a public/private partnership effort to prepare an economic development strategy for Chester County.  Its fundamental premise is that progress and preservation are complementary elements of a strategy that will encourage economic growth while maintaining the “sense of place” that makes Chester County so attractive to residents and businesses.

This process has been organized around five key sequential elements: Vision, Ideas, Solutions, Teams and Actions with a goal of guiding economic growth over the next ten years towards a successful and sustainable county economy. With a focus on specific near-term actions, VISTA 2025 will seek to galvanize a wide range of county stakeholders to join together to achieve the objectives and recommendations that emerge as part of the strategy.

Please take a moment to provide your input on Chester County’s economy

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