HireOne Launches Innovative Initiative to Provide Hiring Links

HireOne, an initiative of the Chester County Economic Development Council, is a public/private partnership which provides employment services to a variety of high-priority industry sectors in collaboration with the Chester County Workforce Development Board (CCWDB).

Hire One’s mission is to identify and facilitate effective linkages among the job seekers and companies hiring in Chester County and the region.  To help fulfill its mission, HireOne is launching a new program to connect job seekers with companies looking for new employees, HireOne/ReferOne.

According to Senior Program Consultant, Jim Lauckner, “Hire One is chartered to come up with new and innovative ways to approach the recruiting and hiring process. I know many companies and thousands of job seekers agree that the hiring process is has challenges. HireOne/ReferOne offers solutions to streamline the process of putting highly qualified people in front of employers and their decision makers.”

HireOne/ReferOne helps participating employers answer the following questions – “Have you ever interviewed a great candidate, that you didn’t hire for your open position?” and “Would it aid your search process if you had access to great candidates from fellow employers?” by having them identify “distinguished” candidates that were recently interviewed and share their information with the group.

The benefit for employers to join a network that will help them fill open positions with access to the vetted, qualified candidate pool.

Meanwhile, job seekers participate by applying to HireOne/ReferOne and after a screening process, approved candidates share their resumes and make an “elevator speech” to local boards of directors.  In turn, the board members will be encouraged to provide candidates with internal and external referrals.

According to Mike McGinn, Chief Marketing Officer for Chief Outsiders, “I was fortunate enough to be selected for the inaugural Chester County Platform to Employment program (P2E), an initiative of the CCWDB.”

“In addition to the value provided by the program, I was received additional support through the CCEDC and HireOne and was given the opportunity to give my ‘elevator speech’ to the CCEDC Board. This tremendous exposure lead to several key networking contacts and ultimately the position I hold today. I am extremely grateful for all of the support I received through the HireOne and P2E Programs and all of the networking contacts I made at and through the CCEDC.”

Samantha Park, Freelance Business Analyst added “I am thrilled to have had the chance to deliver my professional elevator speech to a number of well-connected professionals in my field. All the board members happily lent their ear and attention for a quick 5 minutes. Some offered guidance and recommended resources I had not found on my own. Connections I’ve made that evening have continued to be part of my network I’ve relied on many times. I recommend this opportunity!”

To learn more, please contact Jim Lauckner at 610.321.8231 or jlauckner@ccedcpa.com or visit hireonecc.com.

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