Manufacturing Alliance Survey

The Chester County Economic Development Council and Delaware County Community College are partnering with area manufacturers and community leaders to identify the business and human resource needs of manufacturers in our service areas and establish a Manufacturers Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties.

Our goals are to:

  • provide your current and potential employees access to training grants,
  • assist your company with recruiting, hiring and developing the best possible employees, and
  • organize a network of manufacturers to build an array of services to help you grow your business specifically, and regional manufacturing in general.

Your participation in completing a 15 minute on-line survey is the first step in the process.  We understand your time is limited, but your feedback is critical to developing the services and capabilities that will benefit you the most.  We strongly encourage you, or a representative of your company, to make that investment of time.

Once completed, we will report our findings and inform you of training, recruiting, networking and other business services as they become available.

If you have any questions, contact Krista Kiehl, Project Consultant for our new manufacturing alliance.  Krista can be reached at 610-458-5700 ext. 247 or at

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