Op-ed: County, CCEDC Working Together

Friday, January 11th 2013

Op-ed: County, CCEDC Working Together

The below op-ed by CCEDC President and CEO was published in the Thursday, December 27th edition of The Daily Local News.

For the last half century the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) has worked to make the Chester County economy as strong as it could possibly be. We remain committed to that objective, but there is no question that the economic challenges facing our country and our country will require even greater efforts in the future. To meet those challenges, we will need to form strong partnerships that will work collectively to sustain the high level of economic success that Chester County has achieved in the past.

It is in that context of strong partnerships that I want to publicly commend the Chester County commissioners for their focus and dedication to a strong Chester County economy. They have long been advocates for the kind of economic growth that Chester County wants and deserves – growth that balances the value of open space preservation and supports for our agricultural heritage with the need for quality jobs and tax ratables.

More recently, however, they have joined with CCEDC in a proactive partnership designed to support county economic development in targeted growth areas as identified in Landscapes 2, Chester County’s comprehensive plan. This effort has already begun to bear fruit in the form of the recent commitment of Tastykake/Flowers Food to expand their facility in Oxford Borough, bringing a $31 million investment and 77 new jobs to our county. Additional work is under way in other parts of the county that will hopefully have equally positive results.

Acting together we are stronger than when we act alone. Working cooperatively with Chester County, I look forward to finding new ways to strengthen our economy, generate new job opportunities and build the solid tax base that will sustain our needed governmental services.

Gary W. Smith
President and CEO of the CCEDC


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