Patti VanCleave honored by the Chester County Women’s Commission

On April 11, CCEDC’s Patti VanCleave was among the women honored by the Chester County Women’s Commission. Patti received the Distinguished Service award which recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the advancement of women and CCWC’s mission through one’s contributions as a professional, volunteer, or agent of change.

In her position at CCEDC as Project Manager, she oversees the Health Care Connect Industry Partnership (IP) and Youth Career Exploration Program. Her work with Health Care Connect requires her to coordinate trainings, networking events and pipeline development activities. Likewise, in her duties for the Youth Career Exploration Program she provides school-aged youth with opportunities to discover careers in agriculture, energy, health care, information technology and advanced manufacturing by visiting employer sites.

By far the most notable event under her charge is the annual Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology (GETT) event. Through GETT, in grades 5 – 12 explore careers in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Since Patti joined the CCEDC team in 2009, her efforts have grown GETT from serving 125 girls and 66 parents in the first year to 531 girls and 184 parents and educators this March in its 16th year.

Patti has a lifelong commitment to serving others. Prior to her work at the CCEDC, she served as Director of Operations for a non-profit, where she managed the procurement and disbursement of 100,000 brand new winter coats to children in need in over 30 states nationwide. She also has been a committed volunteer with the Boy Scouts, where she has been an active volunteer for more than 15 years.

Patti VanCleave

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