Survey: Attracting Talent and Growing the Employer-Ready Workforce

vista_2025_logo_medAs part of VISTA2025 and in preparation for a major Workforce Summitwe are conducting a survey to better understand the needs of local businesses.  The results of the survey will ensure that the multitude of economic development programs and services available in Chester County are properly aligned with the needs of local businesses.

This survey includes questions that cover a broad cross-section of topics, some of which may require input from colleagues within your organization in addition to yourself.  Please feel free to share with the person best suited to tie all of the information together in order to complete it.

You will note that the survey has a significant section dedicated to workforce issues.  The data gathered from this section will be used to plan and design the Workforce Summit, which is scheduled for this fall.  The Summit will be a major event designed to focus on critical local and regional workforce issues.Your responses will shape the success of both VISTA2025 and the Workforce Summit.

We kindly ask that you respond by Friday, September 4.

Please CLICK HERE for the survey.

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