USSC puts team together for CCEDF Dress Up & Dash 5K

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USSC designs and engineers world-class seating for many types of vehicles. As a leader in their industry, they continue to develop the most durable and ergonomically designed seats to reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. USSC has four lines: operator seating, first responder, military, and an eco-friendly water-mist fire suppression system.

Every year, USSC tries to hold about 8-10 company events. USSC also is actively promoting a healthy lifestyle. Creating a coordinated team event based on the Couch to 5K ® Running Plan (C25K) was an idea to combine both initiatives.  Employees had the option to walk or run, permitting people of all activity levels to participate. The event created an employee bonding experience among participants over 9 weeks.

The C25K Running Plan starts participants with walking and jogging intervals over a 30-minute time period. Each week, the jogging time increases and the walking decreases until you eventually are able to complete a 5k run. USSC also provided employees with a training plan for successful completion of a 5K walk.

Throughout the event, participants received weekly advice and motivation. sent out to employees. An accountability chart for participants who wanted to track their progress was available on USSC’s health and wellness bulletin board as well. Some employees would complete their scheduled programs together during their lunch break in USSC’s onsite gym facility. They had participants of all ages, activity level, and experience join in the event.

The culmination of the event was participation in the Chester County Economic Development Foundation’s Dress Up and Dash 5k Run/Walk which was held on October 15 in Eagleview Town Center. In addition to sending a team to participate in the 5K, USSC Group was also a Kilometer Sponsor of the event. Twenty-two of the C25K event participants were able to be a part of the USSC Team and complete the 5K road race together.  Congratulations to USSC team member Kellie Melleady who was the first female finisher of the 5K with a time of 21:33. USSC Group looks forward to continue promoting health and wellness to their employees and bringing everyone together in the process.



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