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Finding facts, figures and statistics can be a time-consuming task. This page consolidates and organizes data available through CCEDC and its partners to help provide you with access to legislative updates, demographic details, and other data from local, state, and federal sources.

Discover Chester County: Valuing Progress and Preservation

Are you looking to start or grow a business in Chester County, PA?  If so, this trifold provides an overview of Chester County highlights numerous reasons why it is such a wonderful place in which businesses and residents live, work and thrive.

Chester County is known for its unmatched quality of place, collaborative innovation culture as well as for being an unparalleled talent magnet and possessing expanding smart growth opportunities.

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VISTA.Today showcases Chester County’s quality of place and economic health by publishing or curating short, concise, easy to read summaries of the County’s assets;  its commerce, cultural and community news and events.

Partner Resources

Fast Facts is the official employment demographics published by the Commonwealth monthly, covering both the state and the individual Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Areas.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Regional Economic Data

Chester County Planning Commission

Landscapes2 – addressing growth management and preservation strategies in collaboration with public, private and corporate citizens in Chester County.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Connections 2040 Plan

Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry – Legislative Updates

Largest Employers in Chester County

Data Books

Penn State Harrisburg offers County Data Books for each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. The Data Books draw on comprehensive data from 2008-2012 American Community Survey and various other data sources.

Other Resources

PA Department of Community and Economic Development Business Assistance Programs

PA Department of Community and Economic Development Community Programs

Pennsylvania Office of the Budget

Pennsylvania Builders Association

Federal Resources

2012 Economic Census -The latest Economic Census profiles on national and local economies every five years

Small Business Administration Data Statistics – Get access to data and statistics on your competitors and your industry. Also target customer groups on the SBA’s Business Data & Statistics page

US Economic Development Association Newsroom


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