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Select Chester County is an initiative by the Chester County Economic Development Council and Chester County that aims to facilitate international investment and business in Chester County.





Issue 1, 2018


Issue 2, 2018


Issue 3, 2018


Issue 4, 2019



Select Chester County serves as the main facilitator of international business for Chester County. The Global Business Advisory Board, composed of 28 experts in international business, helps direct these efforts. Our focus includes providing assistance to foreign companies seeking to locate or expand into Chester County as well as helping local businesses expand into foreign markets. One of our key programs is the Chester County China Initiative (CCCI). Launched in 2013, the CCCI builds relationships with Chinese businesses and government representatives to attract Chinese investment and promote our homegrown businesses, products, and educational institutions to Chinese markets.

Terence Farrell began his first term as Commissioner on January 7, 2008, and his second term on January 3, 2012. Terence was elected to his third term as Commissioner on November 3, 2015. Terence served as chairman of the Board of Commissioners for 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016. Under his leadership, the board advanced its development of a strategic plan to increase efficiency in the county’s operations, passed a balanced budget without raising taxes and reaffirmed the county’s award-winning open space preservation program for the next decade. The county has received numerous awards for its superior quality of life, for a government and citizenry that has indeed made it “healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Terence Farrell

Michael serves as the Chester County Economic Development Council’s Chief Operating Officer. Since 2004 when Michael first assumed this role, the CCEDC has grown significantly adding 15 staff members and increasing the operating budget by 50%.

Michael Grigalonis

Komeil Nasrollahi is an entrepreneur and consultant who lived and worked in China from 2009 to 2016. Komeil opened his own international trade company in China and has been helping many other businesses enter the biggest market in the world. He is fluent in Chinese, English, and Persian, and he also received his master’s degree from the most prestigious university in China, Tsinghua University. Komeil is currently working as a program manager with the Chester County Economic Development Council to attract investment from China and help American companies expand in Chinese markets.

Komeil Nasrollahi



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