Jodi Gauker Featured by Town Dish

Jodi Gauker, Director of the CCEDC’s AgConnect Partnership, was recently interviewed by The Town Dish for her involvement with the local agriculture community, both through her professional role at the CCEDC and for her role in running her family farm, Gauker Farms. Check it out!

Modern-Day Farmer Q&A: Jodi Gauker of Gauker Farms & Chester County Economic Development Council

Jodi Gauker has plenty of exciting things going on these days as marketing and sales coordinator for her family farm, Gauker Farms, and agriculture project manager for the Chester County Economic Development Council. I was eager to learn more about modern-day agriculture and all of the interesting roles Ms. Gauker plays within this important and continually expanding industry.

The Town Dish: How did you get involved in the agriculture industry?

Jodi Gauker: I grew up in a rural area outside of Latrobe (home of Arnold Palmer, Rolling Rock beer and the banana split) surrounded by farms. My dad is a mechanic, so he spent a lot of his evenings and weekends helping the local farmers fix equipment and farm. So, naturally, I went with him and indirectly grew up “on the farm.” I had decided I wanted to work with the 4-H program when I grew up, and that’s what I set out to do. I studied animal science and earned my master’s in agricultural education. While at Penn State doing my undergrad, I met my now-husband. I said I’d never marry a farmer (because I really liked going on vacations!). That obviously didn’t work out for me, but I don’t think I’d change it.


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