German Companies Helping Less-skilled US Workers

Krista Kiehl
Project Consultant, MACC/DC (

Faced with immediate job openings that require skilled workers, US companies are finding ways to bridge the skills gap including looking to Germany as a leader, not only in apprenticeships, but in developing skilled talent in a ways that fit the culture of American companies and workers.


green_summit_400x300“When the Pennsylvania subsidiary of the German company Aerzen became a competence center for its new line of turbo blowers, one problem emerged: Its Coatesville workers could not do the job, as it required training in not only machine assembly but electromechanical assemblies. There was a skills gap.”

Aerzen is an active member of the Manufacturing Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties (MACC/DC) and was instrumental in bringing the German Embassy to Chester County to speak to a group of manufacturers, students, business leaders and educators about the history of German Apprenticships and the Skills Initiative program at the May MACC/DC Parners Meeting. Downingtown STEM Acadamy hosted the meeting and the group, including the representative from the German Embassy, toured the engineering and science programs at the school.


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