Girls Still Lag Behind Boys at Math, Study Finds

Ashley Oddo
Project Coordinator

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that despite efforts to close the gender gap, females are still behind their male classmates academically in math and science courses, and therefore are failing to choose STEM pathways throughout college and into the workforce.

“Much of the continued gap in math performance in particular can be tied to girls’ lower confidence in their quantitative capabilities, even when they were actually high-achievers in the field…Girls may also veer away from higher education and careers in STEM fields in part because their parents help steer them away from those paths. In all countries and economies for which a parent questionnaire was distributed, parents were more likely to expect their sons than their daughters to work in STEM fields.” Read more…

The key to closing this gender gap is to expose girls to all the possibilities that STEM careers offer. On March 21st Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology will hold its 15th annual conference for girls in grades 6-12 and their parents. This day-long event features an Expo with over 40 organizations showcasing hands-on STEM activities followed by three 45 minute breakout sessions. In addition, parent topics for this year include: micromessaging, a STEM panel discussion, and preparing students for college.

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