Better-paying Jobs Stage Comeback

Cherie Wright
Director, Hire One

The Washington Post recently reported that growth in America’s job market is finally spreading to industries with good pay, after years of being concentrated in fields with low wages.

“Hiring has picked up steam in areas such as construction, manufacturing and professional services in recent months — sectors with a median hourly wage of at least $20. Nearly 40 percent of the jobs created over the past six months have been in high-wage industries, compared with just a quarter during the last half of 2013, according to an analysis by the National Employment Law Project for The Washington Post. Meanwhile, growth in many low-paying jobs has leveled off or even declined.”


These findings are echoed in the results of our recent Hire One employers survey. The questionnaire, completed by 40 Hire One Champions, found that over 62% of their newly hired Chester County employees are making over $55,000.

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