What You Think About Millennials is Wrong

Cherie Wright
Director, Hire One

The Washington Post recently reported that an expansive study by IBM on generational workplace attitudes and personalities found that some not-so-flattering preconceived notions about the rising “Millenial” generation were unfounded:

“Let’s go over a few of the most common preconceptions about the millennial generation, those currently aged 21 to 34 who have been invading the workplace in recent years. It’s often said that their helicopter parents left them unable to accept criticism and in constant need of a trophy. That their immersion in social media means they can’t keep their personal and professional lives separate. That they are particularly attracted to jobs where they can help save the world.

The problem: Those stereotypes actually appear to be wrong. Or at least, that’s the finding of a recent report by IBM’s business consulting arm, which surveyed some 1,784 employees of different age groups in 12 countries and six industries. The survey, released Feb. 19, blew holes in the conventional wisdom about millennials.”

Read more at WashingtonPost.com

While actual differences between employees of different generations don’t always fit into tidy stereotypes, subtle differences between workers of different ages represent assests that an organization can utilize to thrive through respect, communication and increased productivity.

Join us at our March 3rd “Turn Generational Differences into Organizational Assets” event as we explore this opportunity.

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