Open Coaching: Master the Investor Presentation With Steve Bowman – The Pitch Doctor

November 17, 2020
10:00 am to 11:30 am
Back by popular demand – join us as startup founders present their investor pitch and hear targeted feedback from a veteran pitch coach.
OPEN COACHING is the fastest way to master the investor presentation. It’s a cross between private coaching and a group workshop. It’s real-world instruction, with real companies, and a veteran coach. Come learn how the investor presentation is really done!
Join us for this virtual event. You can get free coaching, or attend and observe and learn investor presentation secrets you won’t find anywhere else.
The featured company will get targeted, advanced coaching to improve their pitch presentation. The session is open to all fellow entrepreneurs who want to see the pitches–and Steve’s coaching–in action. Watch and learn as Steve reacts to the presentation, probes for the core story, and offers solutions for thorny dilemmas, such as how to say everything investors want to hear in just ten minutes and how to explain highly technical material.
Observers will find these sessions as valuable as the featured company. Most of Steve’s advice is applicable to any start-up company prepared to approach investors. Perfect for start-ups working on their first investor presentation. Even experienced entrepreneurs come away with a new perspective and new tricks that they can apply immediately. Attended Open Coaching before? Each session features a different company pitch and new lessons to learn!
Advance registration required. Registration closes at noon on November 16.

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