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Growing Our Community, Together

As a private, non-profit economic development organization, CCEDC relies exclusively on the funds that we raise to operate and sustain our activities. Through our Investor Program, businesses of all sizes support our work and contribute to the economic health of our region. Thank you for recognizing the need for the Council and for playing a key part in our efforts to assist the business community.

CCEDC’s Investor Program is led by our Business Development Team who specialize in assisting both large and small companies already in or interested in locating in Chester County. Our goal is to create jobs, foster business expansion, and develop real estate projects that improve the Chester County community.

By providing the business community with proven financial solutions, educating workforce talent, fostering business partnerships, and encouraging entrepreneurial collaboration, CCEDC’s knowledge and innovation put your company ahead of the information curve. Whether it is assistance with identifying a new location to operate or expand your business, providing job skills training and workforce development, or access to low interest capital or other financial solutions, our vast resources are leveraged to match your needs.

Tax Credits and Giving Back

The Chester County Economic Development Foundation (CCEDF) is approved as an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) in Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program.

So what does that mean to you?  Companies that do business in the Commonwealth can receive tax credits by contributing to CCEDF and its educational mission. To receive the tax credits, companies must first be eligible for the EITC program. For more information, contact MaryFrances McGarrity at

Even if you are not part of the EITC program, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, donations to the CCEDF are tax deductible and support its mission of educating young people and preparing them for future economic opportunities.

The PA State taxes impacted by EITC are:
EITC Donations Support These Programs:

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